Fantasy & YA Titles


Dragon's Shadow

YA Fantasy

Royal twins, Kylie and Prince Jarlon, live very different lives.

Kylie, a teenage science geek, is infected with an unstoppable evil and raised in our mechanized world where magic doesn’t exist. Angered by loss and fear for her own sanity, she ignores increasingly urgent dreams of a magical land and walls off her emotions.

Prince Jarlon dreams of the day he may set off as a knight and fulfill his destiny, to save his kingdom from the Sorcerer Dragon. What Jarlon does not realize is the price his prescribed destiny will cost. His sheltered life ends when the Dragon sends his minions to destroy his kingdom. Jarlon journeys to unite warring factions against the army of the Dragon—an army Kylie is fated to lead. Can Kylie learn to control her rage or will Jarlon fulfill his destiny to kill her before she destroys his world?